Restore Liberty

Our Founding Fathers fought for our liberty, and they secured it through a Constitution that strictly limited the power of government.  Today our liberty is threatened by rising taxes and government expansion, the takeover of large segments of our economy, including health care, and encroachments on our privacy.  I pledge to fight the tyranny of big government, and work to restore the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution.

Reduce taxes and promote job creation

Almost four years into the official “economic recovery,” almost 7% of Missourians remain out of work.  Over 12% are either out of work or underemployed.  Young people, even college graduates, struggle to find work.  Missouri places 48th out of 50 states for economic growth.  When it comes to regulation, small businessmen give our neighbor Kansas an “A” while Missouri gets a “C.” We need to get Missourians back to work by reducing taxes and improving our state’s regulatory environment.

Fight Obamacare

One of the worst impediments to job creation and prosperity is the specter of Obamacare hanging over every business and individual in our country.  The Senate author of Obamacare called it a “train wreck,” and the Administration admitted its unworkability when it delayed the employer mandate by one year.  We must oppose Obamacare implementation until it is repealed and replaced.

Protect innocent human life

I have been a pro-life leader my whole adult life.  I sponsored the major pro-life bill that passed the Missouri House in 2008.  I was President of Missourian’s Against Human Cloning, the organization opposing Amendment 2, the human cloning amendment, in 2006.  I have served on the board of major pro-life organizations.  I will continue to defend human life in the Missouri Senate.

Secure Second Amendment rights

Liberal arrogance resulted in the Nixon administration sending concealed carry information on thousands of Missourians to the federal government.  This shows us, once again, how vigilant we must be in defending our Second Amendment rights.  I joined the NRA as a life member at age 17.  In the Missouri House I had a 100% pro-Second Amendment voting record and I cosponsored several pro-gun bills.  I have been rated “A” by the NRA in all of my elections.